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Hello, and welcome to the Spire Project. We’ve built this website in order to help internet users worldwide finding the information they’re looking for in the most effective way possible. If you are a young person today, who has pretty much grown up using the internet – then, sure, you might already know how to find the information you need in a quick efficient way. But if you are of the older generation, growing up without computers all around you, the internet might not seem as self explanatory to you. Perhaps you might even find it a bit intimidating considering the unimaginable amount of information it contains.

In any case, we should all face the fact that modern society is run by computers, and also embrace the fact that everything you could possibly want to now, you can find in just a few click. That is, if you know how to locate the information you are looking for.

So, what’s the first step to reaching your desired information online? Well, with the internet being so incredibly big, we can’t just randomly start guessing on different domains that might contain the info we are searching for, so therefore we need to find a search engine. A search engine lets you search for different phrases and then it browses through the internet in order to find websites relevant to your search phrase. The most commonly used search engine today is without a doubt Google, which has become the largest company in the world. Other alternatives include Bing and Yahoo, but Google is by most people regarded to be the best, so that is where we would recommend you go.

The next step is then to learn how to use a search engine. Since the internet contains billions of websites and pages we want to filter out as much as we can, so that only the most relevant search results are given to us by the search engine. Therefore, you will have to think what you should search for. Say for example that you are looking for tips on what to do on your holiday in California. For someone who’s not used to search engines it might seem most natural to just put “California” into the search field, but there is a problem with this. Imagine yourself how many websites contain the word California. The search engine will present you with websites that might not be at all relevant to your holiday, such as Californian news websites or certain sports teams in California, for example. So what we need to do is to be more specific in our search phrase.

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Say now that we filter out some of the results by typing in “Holiday California”. This search will likely get you more relevant results, but will they all be relevant? On this search you are likely to find websites for hotels, cheap flights etc, where as you were only looking for things to do while in California.

The lesson to take away from this article is to always be as specific as possible when you are using search engines online. Some good search phrases for the example above would have been for example “Things to do in California”, “Holiday tips Californa”, “Tourist attractions California”, which would have all given you very relevant search results.