How i started gambling

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I’d like to start off this article by saying that I’m not particularly fond of the term ”gambler”. It has so many negative associations to it. When I think of a gambler my mind immediately produces an image of a man who spends all his time at the online casino, or in the betting shops, wasting all his money away on games, not caring for his family like he should. However, I probably would be considered a gambler myself, at least by definition, but my gambling is definitely different from what I just described to you. Although I gamble, I absolutely make sure to do so responsibly. By responsible I mean that I always make sure that I have money to take care of myself and my family – so that I can always pay my rent and bills on time and put food on the table. In other words, my gambling is much more of a hobby than of a lifestyle, which the term gambler would probably suggest.

This article will show you how I first got in to gambling. I was never particularly interested in any form of gambling in my young years. I had friends who would play poker with each other, and always play the videoslots when we were at a bar, but I never really got into it. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon an online portal called that I really tried it out. I had never really thought about the fact that these days you can gamble online (although it’s pretty obvious – you can do anything online these days). In any case, the website had a lot of different articles on gambling, and as I started reading, I got more and more interested in how the games were constructed and how they worked. When I later started reading reviews about different online casinos at a site called Casinoonline (find it here), I soon learned that several casinos actually offered free bonuses just for signing up at the site. I learned a long time ago, that if something is free, why not take it?

So I went to the website which offered the highest bonuses, registered an account and started testing out the games. Immediately I became fond of the slot machines. In the online world, they are so different from the ones you will see in your local pub for example. These slots have so many different features that make the game way less static than your average one armed bandit. What’s even better is the fact that in any online casino, you can almost be sure to find over 50 different slot machines, all with different exciting features, as well as graphics that can be quite stunning.

As my interested grew, I also started trying out different forms of gambling, such poker and online bingo at sites like Balloon Bingo, and these days, I spend quite a lot of time at online casinos. Whenever the mood hits I usually log in and make a small deposit and start playing at one of my favorite sites. To find good casinos, I would definitely recommend Eurogambler!

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